SharePoint Web Part Development

One of the most common methods for creating a user interface in both ASP.NET and SharePoint is to create web parts. Web parts are mini-applications that run inside part of a page, as opposed to regular web applications, which run on a full page.

If you have already used SharePoint, you have also used web parts. In fact, web parts are used so frequently around SharePoint that knowing how they work and how you can make your own is an absolute must for anyone looking to build user interfaces in SharePoint.

In Beginning SharePoint Development, I’ll walk you through creating a web part, and explain the basics of how web part development works. One of the videos included in the issue shows you the creation process as well. You’ll learn both core concepts on web part development as well as more advanced topics such as web part properties.

You can read the entire Beginning SharePoint Development issue, including more than three hours of video tutorials and demonstrations for just $14.95.

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