SharePoint Development Techniques

Beyond basic development knowledge, learning SharePoint development is about mastering the various SharePoint development techniques. The problem is that there are so many things you need to master. Even if you have .NET programming experience and even if you speak XML natively, you need to learn how to apply those skills to SharePoint.

You need to learn CAML, the language used to describe SharePoint artifacts, to query SharePoint data, and render visual appearance of objects such as lists and views. You need to learn web part development if you want to create resuable visual components for your solution. You need to understand the event model so you can capture important events and react accordingly. You may need custom actions to modify the user interface or delegate controls to add plugin functionality to pages.

In Beginning SharePoint Development, you’ll learn all of these skills and many more. After reading and watching the videos you will be able to start creating solutions that utilize the power of SharePoint.

You can read the entire Beginning SharePoint Development issue, including more than three hours of video tutorials and demonstrations for just $14.95.

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