SharePoint Development in Visual Studio

If you want to be a serious developer then you want to utilize Visual Studio for SharePoint development. Many of the tasks required by a SharePoint solution revolves around creating features, solutions, pages, web parts, and workflows, and for absolute control and power, there’s no other option than Visual Studio.

In Beginning SharePoint 2010 Development, you’ll learn how to harness the power of Visual Studio and freely available extensions such as WSPBuilder to create compelling and effective SharePoint solutions. I’ll show you how to build individual features, how to create web parts, how to create SharePoint lists and list definitions, as well as how you can wrap all of these artefacts into SharePoint WSP solution packages.

Everything you learn is applicable both to all versions of Visual Studio, and you can use both the free Express editions or the other editions of Visual Studio. Whether you are an experienced .NET developer or a complete newbie, you’ll be up and running as a SharePoint developer by the end of the issue.

You can read the entire Beginning SharePoint Development issue, including more than three hours of video tutorials and demonstrations for just $14.95.

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